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01 Multilingual translation

Formula F ltd. provides the best quality multilingual translations for your investment. Our experienced, highly-qualified and tested native linguists complete the projects even under tight deadlines, no matter of the volume and complexity of the contents.

02 Localization

If your company is a global player or heading towards a global display, professional language localization services can significantly increase the reach and visibility and improve the usability and acceptance of a product in international markets, especially when it comes to software and websites.

03 Editing

Our editing services are designed to help our customers at any phase of a project. This is the stage of refining of the translated text by incorporating preferred glossary terminology and the style specifications established and approved by our clients.

04 Machine translation post editing

Although we do not use Machine translation, we are trying to keep track with dynamics and adjust to clients’ requirements and provide MT post-editing services. Our experienced editors will check thoroughly and make the final version clear from errors and well understandable for the target readers.

05 Linguistic verification and consulting

Formula F ltd. relies on a network of well-trained and experienced verifiers: native speakers, all with higher education and coming from diverse backgrounds who can also provide Linguistic Quality Control (LQC) to ensure they meet stringent requirements of linguistic precision.

06 Translation Memory and Terminology Management

We provide Multilingual Terminology Management that will allow you to achieve effective and accurate translations incorporating your company-specific vocabulary and terminology by organizing them in a consistent and operational manner that ensures the correct term is used with every translation.

07 Transcreation

Transcreation or creative translation is about recreating accurate brand content for multilingual audiences. Standard translation and localization services usually do not maintain efficiently the creative and emotional intent of content – transcreation helps reflect it in the best manner in other languages and cultures.

08 Proofreading (Linguistic review)

It is our tested native proofreaders job to check diligently and meticulously the target language against the source text in order to guarantee both technical and linguistic accuracy while ensuring that correct and consistent terminology has been used throughout the document.

09 DTP and Formatting

Formula F ltd. provides the best quality DTP and formatting services for your investment. Our experienced, highly-qualified and tested professionals complete the projects even under tight deadlines, no matter of the volume and complexity of the task.

010 Project management

Formula F’s Ltd. team of highly educated, trained and erudite Translation Project Managers can handle any industry translation challenge. They come from different cultural, educational and ethnic backgrounds, speak different languages and are creative and solution-focused.

011 Subtitling

Subtitling could increase the reach of your production and services worldwide. Our agency could provide subtitling in many European languages and help you improve your communication with more potential users of your services. Do not miss this opportunity!

012 Transcription

Language Transcription is the representation of language in written form of recorded audios or videos. Formula F ltd. provides both general and specialized transcription services by professional transcriptionists of materials in the medical, corporate, legal and financial areas.

013 Interpreting

Our professional language interpreting services will ensure that you and your organization will have a smooth and efficient communication face-to-face with your foreign partners. We have selected highly qualified interpreting professionals with multicultural experience and awareness.

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Linguistic services in more than 100 language combinations and specifically East European and Balkan languages + other European and Asian languages.

Formula F Ltd. The Translation Company

We are honored to support your Business!

Formula F Ltd. ( provides the widest range of linguistic services at the highest quality since 1999.

We specialize in technical, IT and software, communications, legal, financial, marketing, EU related and other translations, editing, proofreading and interpreting from into all European, Balkan, Slavic and Turkic languages by native speakers.

We have experience in managing multilingual projects in over 30 languages simultaneously.

Our Project Management team consists of knowledgeable professionals with a broad experience and variety of subject-matter background, with a hands-on approach and focus on operational excellence. Throughout the years we have been able to test and identify the best professionals in their respective fields and advanced users of CAT software. Now we can offer our clients our joint efforts to achieve the best balance for a cost effective, top quality and ethical solution to their needs.

Please, feel free to contact us at any time for more information. We’d be honored to explore the possibility of putting our knowledge and skills to work for you and also bring to you:

15+ years of knowledge and experience

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Translation & Linguistic services

Formula F Ltd. ( provides the widest range of linguistic services at the highest quality since 1999.

Translation & Linguistic services

  • Multilingual translation
  • Localization
  • Editing
  • Machine translation post editing
  • Linguistic verification and consulting
  • Translation memory and Terminology management
  • Transcreation

  • Proofreading ( Linguistic review )
  • DTP and Formatting
  • Project management
  • Subtitling
  • Transcription
  • Interpreting

In any area of expertize

  • Business and Corporate translations
  • Financial translations

  • Legal translations
  • Patents translation

  • Technical and Manufacturing translations
  • Automotive translations

  • Technology translations
  • Medical translations

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