At Formula F Ltd. we are aware that legal professionals are very detail-sensitive and the choice of words may cost everything in a particular situation. Guaranteeing that every line, idea, argument or accent is correctly perceived and translated, is vital for this type of content. This industry understands better than any other how important it is to have every contract, document and text constituted as precisely and clearly as possible. Many international law firms, legal entities and companies have entrusted Formula F Ltd. to complete perfect, precise and correct legal translations. We translate various contracts, agreements, decrees, acts, EU directives, bylaws, statutes, immigration documents, complaints, motions, orders, rules, estate planning documents and many other for clients ranging from local, governmental and EU Institutions to private legal practices and law associations. We employ a large pool of native linguistic resources, gained inestimable experience and dedicated a lot of effort and energy to each of our projects in the legal field so that we offer the highest possible quality translation services to this increasingly demanding industry.

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