Formula F ltd. provides the best quality DTP and formatting services for your investment. Our experienced, highly-qualified and tested professionals complete the projects even under tight deadlines, no matter of the volume and complexity of the task. Our teams have a deep knowledge and proficiency in working with English and other language versions of extensively used authoring, publishing, multimedia and data storage applications. Our DTP specialists work closely with native-speaking proofers to ensure that the correct meaning is conveyed while adjustments are completed to adapt formatting variations that occur in different languages and character sets. Every formatted document is proofed by a language-specific proofreader to ensure that all standards of quality have been met. We share this expertise throughout all stages of our client’s projects. Having a one-stop solution for your DTP and formatting needs will not only save you time but will definitely be more economical for your company as we will also offer you a discount if you order a multilingual package with us.

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